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Hermigua/La Orilla - Moralito - El Palmar - La Caleta - La Orilla

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Hiking map of the trail footpath: Hermigua/La Orilla - Moralito - El Palmar - La Caleta - La Orilla
 9,66 km 525m 527m  2   3h27mn (2,8km/h)  Round footpaths       30.kml - 30.gpx   ->

Data sheet of the trail/hiking path      

1->2 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 1,42 km   64 m   9m
Leave the tarmac road and follow the dirt track bordered by the drinking water supply pipe. On the right, go up the path towards Hermigua/Llano Campo, then a second towards Hermigua/Los Baranquillos.
2->3 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 0,60 km   5 m   26m
Follow the dirt track bordered by the drinking water supply pipe. On the left descends a dirt track towards the houses of Moralito that can be seen at the bottom of the valley. The track continues towards Montoro and El Palmar.
3->4 - ()  Very good shape
Distance 0,60 km   8 m   81m
Go down the track towards the houses of Moralito. Cross the bed of the stream and arrive at the 2nd house.
4->5 - ()  Very good shape
Distance 0,52 km   119 m   9m
Climb from El Moralito in the direction of Palmar towards the east. Arrived on the ridge the path on the left allows you to reach La Caleta directly, on the right it goes up to join the track.
5->6 - ()  Very good shape
Distance 0,28 km   34 m   0m
Go up to join the track. To the right Hermigua and to the left El Palmar or San Sébastien
6->7 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 0,21 km   0 m   15m
Continue towards El Palmar. Further on the track splits on the right towards San Sébastien and on the left towards El Palmar.
7->8 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 0,85 km   0 m   57m
Continue towards El Palmar. Let's go through a ruin all the way. Further on a concrete building (former cellar) and another above the track. A path on the right goes up towards San Sébastien and a little further on a second goes down on the left towards the hamlet of Palmar. Straight the track continues towards Tagaluche.
8->9 - (GR 132)  Very good shape
Distance 0,20 km   0 m   44m
Go down the path towards the houses. Arrive on the track which goes up, on the right, from the houses, towards the entrance of the Barranco de Tagaluche and ends on the left by the start of the path towards La Caleta.
9->10 - (GR 132)  Very good shape
Distance 0,65 km   13 m   74m
Take the path towards La Caleta. Follow it through the meadow then go down towards the cliff which dominates the seaside until you reach a small wooden bridge on the bed of the barranco. Go up to the junction with the path, on the left, coming from Moralito. Straight on La Caleta and the seaside.
10->11 - (GR 132)  Very good shape
Distance 0,54 km   22 m   47m
Continue towards La Caleta and the sea to the path protected by a wooden railing. Dead end path, on the right, which leads to Las Salinas and Muelle Lorenzo (former pier). On the left La Caleta/Hermigua.
11->12 - (GR 132)  Very good shape
Distance 0,79 km   36 m   68m
In the direction of La Caleta/Hermigua, we follow the level curve, then we pass above the beach. Before arriving at the terraces we find on our left another path that descends from Moralito. Straight on to La Caleta road.
12->13 - (GR 132)  Very good shape
Distance 0,21 km   11 m   19m
Follow to La Caleta road. Cross the barranco and reach the paved road.
13->14 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 0,78 km   0 m   77m
A round trip to La Caleta beach will allow us to enjoy it. There is a small bar there which also serves meals.
14->15 - ()  Dirt road
Distance 0,78 km   77 m   0m
Take the paved road from La Caleta (at the level of an old wooden suspension bridge over the barranco, a shortcut on the right allows you to cut the bend if you go up towards Hermigua). At the information panel, a path descends and crosses the barranco towards El Palmar, straight ahead towards the Orilla de Hermigua.
15->16 - (GR 132)  Road
Distance 1,23 km   136 m   1m
Follow the paved road towards the pass then the shortcut which cuts the last bends. Come out on the road at a place called La Orilla de Hermigua. On the left starts the track towards El Palmar and San Sebastian. Opposite, to the right of the paragliding departure area, the GR132 descends to Hermigua/Los Pedacitos.

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